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Company News:

Welcome to OMNI-WiFi, one of America's leading wireless Internet products manufacturers. OMNI-WiFi manufactures wireless equipment -- transmitters, repeaters, and client-premises equipment (CPE), integrating state-of the-art firmware and patented hardware in a unique, advanced architecture that delivers among the most powerful, longest range, and highest quality 802.11 signals available today. OMNI-WiFi's primary markets include hospitality and other business sectors.

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Among our clients:

  • Hotel/condo developers installing hotel wifi
  • Hotels, motels, resorts and conference centers
  • Lodges, inns, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and cafés
  • RV parks, skiing resorts, campgrounds and marinas
  • Real estate – condos, gated communities, apartments and homes
  • WISPs and vendors for municipals (rural and urban networks)
  • Campus networks including business enterprise systems
Technical feedback and Testimonials to date attest to the cost-effectiveness of OMNI-WiFi wireless equipment over other manufacturers. What makes our products unique is state-of-the-art engineering, optimized by site and application. For more detailed product data, visit Products. You may contact us for a reseller in your region, or take a moment now to complete our Site Survey, and a representative will contact you.
Sales Inquiries:

Phone: 505-990-0226
Toll Free: 1-800-610-6711
Fax: 207-715-0099
Skype: omni-wifi


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