February 2019

In all settings, speed, reliability and data security are paramount to users' Wi-Fi experience. The OMNI-WiFi SweetSpots - preprogrammed with a firewall and network address translation (NAT) - are the most cost-effective, secure access points in the world.

Simultaneously broadcasting on two frequencies, just one SweetSpot can replace two of most other brands of access points, and SweetSpots can be linked together wirelessly to make highly efficient, full-duplex wireless repeaters for hard-to-reach areas. For residences, SweetSpots are compatible with most smart-home devices, including the Google Home and Amazon Echo lines.

For hospitality and outdoor settings, the SweetSpot10™ is the best value in the gigabit router class in terms of speed, range, cost, security, and above all, reliability. OMNI-WiFi's long-range Wi-Fi products have a history of highly outperforming all other similar Wi-Fi products.

SweetSpot wireless access points provide connections at gigabit speeds, and offer routing if needed. And, SweetSpots provide the most cost-effective solution to reliably connect the greatest number of users at the lowest possible cost per person.