Speciality Products


OMNI-WiFi's WISPSpot™ provides economic, broadband wireless Internet service to any wireless user within sight of the antenna, while offering the fastest speed and connecting the most users per dollar.  The  WISPSpot™ is a complete system that allows users to become their own Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and is ideal for rural areas where DSL or cable broadband connection is not available.  Using optional client premises equipment, the range can be extended to eleven miles.

Key Benefits:

  • Connects clients via standard wi-fi  drivers and adapters. 
  • Modular design enables up to 150 concurrent connections.
  • Provides all users with fast, reliable connections regardless of location.
  • Maintains long-range distances for which OMNI-WiFi is well known.
  • Low-cost, straightforward installations.  
  • Self-contained, weathertight system. 
  • Note: MAC address automatic authentication is standard.
  • 3 robust, regulated power supplies provide superior surge protection and redundancy.

Standard Equipment: WISPSpot™ system includes: 3 802.11n high-sensitivity radios; 3 120-degree directional weathertight antennas; 3 Power-over-Ethernet (POE) injectors; 3 robust; regulated power supplies; 3 100-foot outdoor cat-5e PoE cables; 3 weathertight enclosures. Also includes one 250-user preprogramed controller; one Tripp Lite 6-outlet power conditioner; and one 5-port gigabyte switch.

Ideal for: Rural areas without Internet connectivity; up to 240 concurrent connections per group of six (6) WISPSpots™; long range.

Optional Equipment: Sector antennas for superior coverage, invoicing system, battery backup with lightning insurance.

24/7 Technical Support available.