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Hello Mr. Hahn. All the OMNI-WiFi units are working perfectly. Thank you for your expert support and advice! The UPS you recommended combined with the installation inspection you recommended solved our self-imposed problems. Your generosity in repairing our units at no charge was above 'first-class' service. Thank you. Also I thank you for assisting me personally by phone and email. Signed - Happy Loyal Customer.
Thomas, Manager
Colonial Inn & Suites
Reidsville, NC

October 11th, 2016
The Winchester Inn now has reliable Wi-Fi for everybody. We are happy with our OMNI-WiFi system.
Bob Patel, Manager
Winchester Inn
Winchester, VA
We have researched many different WiFi providers and have confirmed that OMNI-WiFi's products and service offer the best price-performance ratio. Our installations are very successful, and your products and ongoing support have exceeded our expectations.
Steve Judd, Owner
Data Bytes
Branson, MO
Just two Enhanced HotelSpots™ completely cover the 52nd floor Skywalk of the Prudential Building in downtown Boston. This floor has the small shops that are just under the Top of the Hub Restaurant, which also uses OMNI-WiFi HotelSpots™ to run its day-to-day business.
Miles Vaughan, Owner
Digital Sky, LLC
Biddeford, ME
We have had no complaints from our customers about the Wi-Fi since we installed the OMNI-WiFi system. This is so different from other systems. Our hotel is made of brick and cement and it has four floors. This is the first time we have had full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the hotel with a system that connects everyone!
Ramesh Patel, Owner
La Quinta Inn and Suites
Panama City Beach, FL
Just two OMNI-WiFi Enhanced HotelSpots™ give complete coverage to guests at the Val Monte Lakeside Resort & Marina, a two-story, concrete-block resort in Guntersville, Alabama. A third Enhanced HotelSpot™ provides high-speed Wi-Fi to the marina and surrounding buildings. This is the strongest, most reliable Wi-Fi we have ever seen.
Eric Burkhalter and Walt Busby Owners
Val Monte Lakeside Resort & Marina
Guntersville, AL
So far no one has complained, so I think it is a good system.
Harry Patel, Owner
La Quinta Inn and Suites
Peru, IL
Cocoplum Beach and Tennis Club installed the OMNI-WiFi Enhanced CondoSpot™ system in 2010. The hurricane-rated construction code calls for cement and steel in all of the condos. Most wi-fi would not work in this environment for distances longer than 20 feet, but the OMNI-WiFi system works easily at 400 feet.There is wi-fi installed inside all the concrete condos and wi-fi outside all the way down to the beach. It is a successful and impressive project.
Cocoplum Beach and Tennis Club
Marathon, FL
I love the ParkCampSpot™ Wi-Fi system from OMNI-WiFi, and I recommend it to my fellow KOA managers and all other campground owners and managers. The performance and service are so much better than any other campground Wi-Fi system I have used!
Jeff Goins, KOA Manager
Sugarloaf/Key West KOA
Summerland Key, FL
The OMNI-WiFi MarinaSpot™ is working well for us at Spring Point Marina, Maine's largest full-service marina. It provides solid Wi-Fi coverage to over 200 users on boats at the marina.
Spring Point Marina
Port Harbor, ME
The OMNI-WiFi Park/CampSpot™ is the fastest, longest range wireless system I have ever seen or used! We installed the OMNI-WiFi system at the Orlando/ Kissimmee KOA successfully, and KOA campers are happy. I continue to recommend this vendor to other KOAs looking for a reliable solution!
Bill Glennon, KOA Manager
Dallas Arlington KOA
Arlington, TX
This is the best Wi-Fi system for a campground or mobile home park I have ever used!
Carl, Owner
Scenic Riverview Mobile Home Park
La Place, LA
From our storefront we can cover the entire bay! Everyday people come in and tell us they want to get online because our signal is the only one they can get from their boat. The MarinaSpot™ is fantastic! In the first week we sold enough extra equipment to people who came in because we had Wi-Fi to completely pay for our Wi-Fi equipment! The owner here has another store, too. He wants to order another MarinaSpot™ system. He will be in touch after Easter.
Patrick Brathwaite
Island Water World
Grenada, West Indies
Just wanted to let you know that we got our MarinaSpot™ installed today at Regatta Pointe Marina. Just mounted the antenna and plugged it in, and it seems to work great! My computer guy will be here later in the week to look at a few more things and probably setup the password, but in the meantime it is up and running great! Thanks for all your help!
Peter VanDerNoord, President
VanDerNoord Partners
Palmetto, FL
I would like to thank you and OMNI-WiFi on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Disabled Veterans Rest Camp and my fellow Vets for the wonderful Park/CampSpot™ system your company provided for us. The equipment works flawlessly and the support and assistance you personally provided me made the install near effortless. Since the install, I have had 0 complaints and in fact daily compliments on its ease of use and coverage from our valued veterans, visitors and most members of the Board. Bravo Zulu is a naval signal, conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning "well done". So to you and OMNI-WiFi I say Bravo Zulu and again, thank you!
John Salsbury, MMC US NAVY (ret.)
Disabled Veterans Rest Camp
Marine on St. Croix, MN
Even after adding a second HotelSpot™ for installation on the seventh floor, we not only are providing better service with fewer devices using OMNI-WiFi, but the project was cost effective. This was due in large part to the ease of the installation and the use of POE injectors. Our costs were competitive which saved the U.S. Attorneys Office's money (our tax dollars, by the way), allowing them to purchase another device and still save money over other vendors.
Eric Currier
Portland, ME
The OMNI-WiFi access points are absolutely phenomenal! I put just one of them in the downtown Portland waterfront area at the Franklin Towers, and I can see its signal from everywhere. I put 4 or 5 access points of a different brand in the same area, and I could not see the signal from even one of them!
IT Manager
Franklin Towers
Portland Housing Authority, Portland, ME
I can't say that you single-handedly saved my marriage, but you certainly helped! My three children all have tablet computers that can now get online anywhere in our [large] house. Last night my wife told me that this is the way Internet surfing SHOULD be. We are all very happy with our Enhanced HouseSpot™.
Stuart McGuigan, CIO
Doylestown, PA
There are few times in our industry that a product has delivered EXACTLY what it promises. Your OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™ did just that and works GREAT. The client loves the coverage, so needless to say the evaluation unit is not coming back. This product has been permanently added to our product mix. Thank You!
Gregg VanDergriff
Knoxvilie, TN
OMNI-WiFi has developed the fastest, least expensive and most efficient wireless transmitter equipment on the market today. We installed just one Enhanced HouseSpot™ at our home, and I am amazed at its consistency in performance throughout the house, our pool area and surrounding property. It's a great product and OMNI-WiFi stands behind it with excellent service and support.
Howard Zimmerman
West Newbury, MA
We are happy with the performance and service on the OMNI-WiFi ParkCampSpot™ system at our KOA campground in St. Petersburg, FL.
Lori Hight, Manager
Manager, Madeira Beach KOA
St. Petersburg, FL
Just wanted to let you know that the Enhanced HotelSpot™ is faster than my wired Ethernet connection. I tried the speed test a number of times because at first I could not believe it. I am amazed!
Shawn Patel
Quality Inn
Tampa, FL

August 12th, 2014
We recently installed the OMNI-WiFi MarinaSpot™ WiFi system at our marina in Marathon, and our users are happy with its performance. It is the best wi-fi I have ever used!
Roy McAdams
Sombrero Marina
Marathon Key, FL

December 17th, 2016
Your OMNI-WiFi equipment far surpasses my expectations for Wi-Fi performance. I can get online with good speed from outside even though I am two blocks away from my building. Not only that, but your OMNI-WiFi antenna is inside my building behind two cinderblock walls. All my customers think it is amazing.
Peter Horsman, Owner
HR Distributors
Portland, ME

December 17th, 2016
Just one OMNI-WiFi ParkCampSpot™ outperformed 19 of the access points we had been using to serve our 700-site RV park, the largest RV park in Maine. We are happy with our OMNI-WiFi ParkCampSpots™. Thank You!
Tom Bailey, Owner
Bayley's Camping Resort
Scarborough, ME

December 17th, 2016
You have a SILVER BULLET -- the best wireless access point that money can buy.
Gerard Lynch, Owner
System 7 Technology Design
Winchester, MA

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