September,  2016

New Product - Wireless Media Server - OMNI-WiFi MediaSpot (TM)

OMNI-WiFi, LLC announces new product, MediaSpot (TM), wireless media server.  The MediaSpot (TM) features 100 or more concurrent wireless connections at distances to 1,000 feet.  Client devices are primarily smartphones, and no Internet connection is needed. The smartphone connects directly to the media server via standard smartphone Wi-Fi to download and/or stream audio and video media files stored on an SD card in the MediaSpot (TM).

The MediaSpot (TM) also features a solar power option including a wide selection of storage batteries to keep the server running 24/7 during times of no sun or no power.  Housed in a weatherproof case and intended for use outdoors, the MediaSpot (TM) is ideal for use in remote areas that do not have Internet connections or even electricity. 

With unsurpassed educational value in rural areas, the MediaSpot (TM) is easy to connect to and use by any client with a smartphone. 

Please visit our intuitive GUI demo: